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After applying years of in-debt roofing knowledge and world class creativity, our manufacturer brings you a roofing system that delivers the beauty and wonder of a natural thatched roof with the durability of a commercial grade building product capable of surviving harsh climates.



With over 20 years of experience in the roofing industry, ENDUREED brands bring you a range of products that has
been designed to enhance the creativity of any commercial or private project.


Ideal for backyard tiki huts and world-class five-star resorts. The palm thatch from the Endureed VIVA Series is designed to withstand long-term UV exposure, fire and the rigors of inclement weather.


These thatched roofs evoke images of exotic locations, relaxation, and casual luxury—and many
resorts, hotels, zoos and other businesses want to provide that aesthetic for guests.


Complete Build

From single post umbrellas to custom build roofs as per your specific requirements.

Our build options give you the opportunity to bring any idea to life, whether it is a back-yard tiki hut or a 5-star resort.

DIY Kits

Get ready to stand back and admire your own great handiwork!

We provide DIY kits inclusive of the frame and thatch with the complete installation guide.

Great for home and own builder projects.

Thatch ONLY

Have a frame ready to thatch?

Our thatch only supply includes the selected thatch with detailed installment instructions and the option of warehouse pickup or deliver to door.

Purchases can be made on exact quantity requirements or we can calculate your thatch quantity as per the dimensions of the roof.

CLASS A Fire Rated

We believe in safety first! All our thatches are CLASS A fire rated and tested by both Australian and International Labs.

Eco-friendly Material

Made from 100% recyclable materials. Eco-friendly thatching that supports LEED Certification.

20 Year Warranty

Providing a 20 year warranty to protect the thatches from fading, rot and decay. Highest manufacturing quality control.

Infestation Resistant

Birds, rodents, and insects are not attracted to our products. Innovative solution for rats, bats and snakes.

100% Waterproof

Designed to 100% withstand heavy conditions of rain and snow. Multiple long-term installations exist in these areas.

Fire Retardant

Made from Class A fire resistant materials. Ratings by ATSM, U.L laboratories as well as multiple international agences.

Fade and Wind Resistant

Wind rated and hurricane resistant. The product has been designed to withstand long-term UV exposure.

Why ENDUREED Stands Out?


  • 20 Year Warranty
  • Class A Fire Rated
  • 100% Waterproof
  • .00% Eco-friendly & Recyclable
  • Infestation Resistant
  • UV Stable
  • Wind Resistant
  • Snow & Hail Resitant
  • Zero Maitenance
  • Over 20 year life


  • No warranty
  • Burns instantly
  • Leaks as it ages
  • Contributes to deforestation
  • Attracts all living creatures
  • Unstable for UV due to decay
  • Not able to withstand strong winds
  • Snow & Hail damages the thatch
  • Constant breakage and decay
  • Re-thatching required every 4-6 years

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