Roof Design


*Length and width to be provided inclusive of over-hang.

*If the roof pitch is not provided, the quotation will be generated using a 30 degree pitch.

Additional Information

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Roof Types

i) Open Batten Roof – No roof substrate. The thatch is installed directly onto the timber battens & rafters and is visible from underneath.

ii) Sub Deck Roof – The thatch is screwed directly onto the roofing iron, colour bond or 19mm ply board.

Roof Configurations

As our approach is a creative one, we also have additional possible roofing configurations available.

These are only a few and we are ready to build others based on your creative imagination.

Shipping & Handling

The ISTA distribution centre is located in Sydney, Australia. We do installations in all locations in Australia. All products are available for shipping to:

Australia (All States)

New Zealand (All Locations)

Fiji Islands

South Pacific (All Islands)

If the country you wish to ship to is not listed above, please email or call us and we will find you the closest distributor.