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All our products are manufactured in America with the highest quality industrial strength
materials and have been tested by American, Australian & New Zealand labs for quality

Synthetic Thatch

The permanent long-term solution for natural thatching without the struggles against
climate, maintenance and building compliance.

VIVA Weathered Palm 32 1

Viva Palm

Regions Kilimanjaro 21 1

Premium Reeds

TikiBar 12

Tikibar & Accessories

Custom Blend

Composite Roofing

The roofing solution that lasts longer, less hassle, is far more durable and much more aesthetically pleasing than the existing maintenance heavy roofs.

Gray Brava Old World Composite Slate 300x200 1

Slate Tile

Lake Forest Brave Shake Slate 300x200 1

Cedar Shake Tile

French Clay Brava Composite Spanish Barrel Tile 1

Spanish Barrel Tile

Spanish Barrel Standard Tuscan Clay 13 1

Custom Blend