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Build Options

Want to start your own building project and require thatch only? You have the idea and you require an execution team? Our creative build options has the solution!

Roofing Material Only

Is your roof frame ready for thatch installation?

Look no further!
Our THATCH ONLY supply is here to save the day. Our thatches are simple and easy to install on any open batten/sub-deck frame. It takes 50% less time to install in comparison to natural thatch. Less mess and more efficiency.

Items included:

  • Roofing material

  • List of installation requirements

  • Detailed written manufacturer’s installation guide (plus video)

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DIY Instruction Kit

Looking for your next DIY project? Excited to have a maintenance-free roof with multiple benefits?

You are at the right place!

Contact us today to get your project delivered with installation instructions so you can get started with your paradise!

Looking for a project for the whole family to enjoy? Build it yourself, thatch/tile it yourself and be ready to stand proud! From umbrellas to 4-post bures (hut), we are ready to get your project started.

Items included:

  • Roofing material

  • Design diagram with timer & nail requirements

  • Detailed written manufacturer’s installation guide (plus video)

Custom Build

Working on a project and have a customised build idea in mind? Let us hear all about it and collaborate with our team of specialists to bring these dreams into reality!


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