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From backyard tiki huts to world-class five-star resorts – VIVA Palm is your long term solution. The VIVA Palm series is designed to withstand long-term UV exposure, fire and the rigors of inclement weather in any location or type of structure.

New Palm

Mimics the look of a newly installed palm roof…and stays that way.

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Group 6 1
Group 6 1 1
Group 6 1 1

Weathered Palm

Replicates the rustic look of palm roofing that has been exposed to the sun, without the rot.


Product Specifications

ColourNew Palm
Weathered Palm
Interior DesignFolded
Roof Frame OptionsOpen batten
Existing deck (with waterproofing)
InstallationRoof Pitch Requirement (Open Batten ONLY)
Batten Spacing (on centre)
Batten Size
Rafter Spacing
Fasteners: Stainless Steel Ring Shank Roofing Nails
Fasteners: Stainless Steel Screws
Min 20°
Min 1.25” Max 2.25”
Min 8” Max 36”
DimensionsField Shingle
Hip/Ridge Shingle
Cone Top
36″ x 27″
27” x 27”
36” x 36”


Product Design

prod design 2 800x493 1
prod design 2 1 800x493 1

VIVA Palm Thatched Roof

VIVA Palm Thatched Umbrella

Fire rated

Class A Fire Rated

VIVA is manufactured with the highest level of flame retardant of any synthetic thatch on the market today. This means you get unbeatable durability with almost zero risk of fire. Third-party tested to the most rigorous of standards, VIVA is the perfect way to get the look you want, the safety you need, and the maintenance-free experience you deserve!


Roof Configurations

As our approach is a creative one, we also have additional possible roofing configurations available. These are only a few and we are ready to build others based on your creative imagination.

roof config03
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