The Journey

For thousands of years, thatching has been used by our ancestors as a roofing solution on the Islands of Fiji. Given thatching was natural, there were many downsides. During the hurricane season, it was unable to withstand the heavy rains and strong winds and was often destroyed by insects and deteriorated very quickly leading to continuous maintenance. As more thatch was harvested for the roofs, the environment suffered. 

With so many downsides, why couldn’t we let the thatched roof go?

When the islands were not being torn by harsh weather, beneath the thatched roofs were beautiful winds, the beauty of a thatched roof itself, the soft sounds of the thatch and the feel of being on an exotic Island. 


This is how the journey started, we went out looking for a solution for the roof we love too much to let go and we found the world leaders in synthetic thatch – ENDUREED, our strategic partner and the first to develop a roofing solution that permanently removes the downsides of natural thatching while maintaining the beauty of the upsides. It feels right, it feels the same as our historic natural thatch but without the stress of maintenance.

Here we are, living on one of the largest continents in the world. What is next? We are on a journey to bring this traditional roofing style to our Australian families and ensure they are able to enjoy all the benefits of a naturally thatched roof without the concerns of vigorous maintenance.

ISTA has been launched with the purpose of providing a creative approach to an enduring roof for all Australians. Bringing to your home and business, a ripple in time where tradition meets contemporary with style.

Company Vision And Mission

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The roof is the most critical part of every building. Our mission is to bring a creative solution to our clients while providing them with long lasting, durable and aesthetically superior roofs.

We are out to redesign contemporary with tradition in a brand new style.

ISTA brings a tradition and ENDUREED brings a solution. We have collaborated to bring together designs and products that will stand the test of time.

Our Manufacturer

Endureed Brands (engineered by Global Innovations) is an American manufacturing company which has been in the synthetic roofing business for over 20 years. 

It all started with a challenge: create a roofing system that would deliver the beauty and wonder of a natural thatched roof and durability of a commercial-grade building product which is capable of surviving hurricane force winds. By applying years of in-depth roofing knowledge, world class creativity and artistry, this challenging endeavour was tackled with enthusiasm, vigour and vision for a product to change the way the world would look at thatched roofing.

Today, the same excitement and vigour that fuelled the development of the first design concept propels this brilliant team to continuously improve on their designs, and bring new thatched roofing ideas to the market.

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